Fist d.o.o. has more than 25 years' worth of experience in the trading of plastic granulates, technical support and logistics solutions.

We cooperate with the world's leading manufacturers. The majority of our clients are from Slovenia, countries of former Yugoslavia, and some other countries. 

In the beginning

Fist d.o.o. was established in 1990 with the basic description, ‘economic services’. Plastic and some building materials trading started in 1992 in a rented warehouse in Dob pri Domžalah. 

In 1994 we moved to our own premises in Trzin industrial zone, and focused on plastic granulates and additives trade, which has been our only activity since.


The first breakthrough in our business happened in 1993, when we took over the distribution of Daplen polyolefins, manufactured by PCD Linz. In 1996 we signed a representation and distribution contract with one of the world’s leading technical plastics manufacturers, General Electric Plastics.

Since the very beginning we have been cooperating with manufacturers of plastic granulates. Borealis Austria, provides polyolefins, Gabriel Chemie Austria, makes masterbatches and additives, Cabot Belgium, manufactures black and white masterbatches and additives, while Sabic Innovative plastic Netherlands provides us with technical granulates, LG Chem Korea supplies us styrene copolymers.

Our biggest clients are Slovenian companies, but we also have important clients abroad, in Croatia, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Italy and elsewhere. 


The company has grown from a small one with three employees to a medium-sized one with ten employees and many outside contractors. Development means we need to change the structure of our services, so we are focusing more on services that are outside the buying and selling frame. That mostly means collecting and dispensing information that our clients need more and more to stay competitive.

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